Arts Collaboratory



General Assembly of Arts Collaboratory

Assemblies are a gathering of all the Arts Collaboratory participating organizations, providing an opportunity to work together, face to face, to share knowledge and deepen the relations between the organizations, while also actively and collectively shaping the direction of Arts Collaboratory. These encounters unfold over the course of a week and are hosted by local Arts Collaboratory organizations, who organize a program of visits and talks to provide an introduction to the local cultural and social context. To date, Arts Collaboratory Assemblies have taken place in Indonesia (2014) and Senegal (2015). 

The main components of the Assemblies are plenary sessions and working groups, addressing critical issues and exchanging methodologies developed by the individual organizations. Through the collaboration and mutual trust developed in the intensive Assemblies, the organizations have come to see themselves as a trans-local community that acknowledges their diversity, while sharing the common aim to transform their social environments.