Arts Collaboratory



Arts Collaboratory 1st Assembly in Indonesia

Arts Collaboratory Assembly Indonesia plenary session. Photo: Antariksa
Working group clusters during the assembly. Photo: Jason Waite

The Assembly in Indonesia brought together all of the participating organizations for the first time in this phase of Arts Collaboratory. Hosted by ruangrupa in Jakarta, and KUNCI Cultural Studies Center in Yogyakarta, the formative Assembly took place over a week and consisted of a series of working groups considering common concerns and visits to local arts organizations.

Introduction Exhibition
As a means of getting to know the various practices of each organization, the participants brought one object or artwork that together formed a free public exhibition, on show for the duration of the Assembly, at the RURU Gallery in ruangrupa. The introductory talks of each organization consisted of an exhibition walk-through where the participants spoke about their object in relation to their organization’s methodologies. These talks provided an illustrated account and opportunity to share the practices of artists, with whom the organizations collaborate, to the rest of the network and local public.

Working Groups
The working groups unfolded as intimate meetings between the participants on a diverse range of topics, developed through a questionnaire given to each organization prior to the gathering. The themes inc