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Commons, Networks, and Models of Alternative Organizations in Culture

Cooperativa Cráter Invertido presenting their practice. Photo: Binna Choi.
Binna Choi, Drawing the Commons, diagram, 2015

During the Arts Collaboratory Assembly in Senegal, a public forum was held at Librairie Athéna in Dakar. The forum was created as a means of opening up a discussion between those active in the local Senegalese context and the international Arts Collaboratory participants. Taking as a premise the bankruptcy of neoliberal forms of organization such as management, financing, and social relations, the evening addressed how new movements and models were emerging to contest neoliberalism’s resulting precarity. Moderator and historian, Ibrahima Wane, set out the collective task unpack the notion of commons in relation to this struggle and how it is understood and practiced by organizations in various regions. To introduce how Arts Collaboratory has also undertaken a process of commoning, Arts Collaboratory Partner, Gertrude Flentge of DOEN Foundation, presented how the network’s affective relations, through community building, have catalyzed a shift toward a more collective way of working. Moving on to describe the network’s overall desire for a shift that re-configures the role of institutions and funders into a potentially more horizontal alignment.

Deepening the discourse of the commons, Arts Collaboratory Facilitating Partner and director of Casco – Office for Art,