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Viviana Cardenas, Colombia residency at runagrupa, Jakarta, Indonesia, November, 2014



Vivian Cardenas, M's Wonderful Drawer, performance at ruangrupa, 2015
Viviana Cardenas, Magic Market, installation, 2015

During her stay at ruangrupa in Jakarta, Viviana Cardenas decide to explore more the toys market in Asemka and second-hand market in Jatinegara. She was fascinated by the concept of market and their related abstract concepts as having similar value in the contemporary world. Viviana stated that we can find identical ideas of clothing, branding, and sometimes ideas of the commodities themselves. While we explored the flea market, she was also curious about how people in the market sell 'enchanted' objects (spells, rings, tricks) and how they work in everyday life. In Jakarta she found the ingenuity in Morning Cake Market, she realize that we still find it the origin of a city in its cuisine.

In this final project, M's Wonderful Drawer, Viviana used the colombian figure of culebrero (storyteller-witchdoctor) to combine the notions of magic, myth, and play from the development of various artistic objects. It came about after several weeks of research in different types of markets in Jakarta. She charged around sniffing flowers, checking out fish, listening to buskers, tasting exotic foods, glancing at second hand goods and savoring the gourmets. It was a sensory riot.  She spent days in the market, met people and heard history and chatter.

Combining the myth and goods as part of the project, Viviana provided visitors with a playful meeting place, a space for creation and discovery. She asked the visitors to bring and trade all the magical objects and zines she made to be exhibited in C-ZINE festival in Columbia. This presentation was brighten up by an artist collective Cut and Rescue a collaborator to create a screen printing demo, Ika Vantiani with her collage art & craft, Junk Not Dead with their sewing-knitting-crocheting goods, and Enomonsta holding colorful monster dolls! This soiree included a wide range of friends and a diverse audiency that formed a party of exchange and sharing. 

Viviana Cárdenas was born 1985 in Bogotá, Colombia, and lives and works in Bogotá. She is Co-director of the artist initiative La Ramona Proyectos – Espacio101 Non profit organization for the research, creation and exhibition of the emerging artist in Bogotá Colombia. As an artist, she is interested in combining both the artistic language and the thinkable possibility phylosophy as an approach to comprehend the reality by building alternative spaces. She develops drawing as a semantical place which allows her to establish relationships between delirant, fantastic, and immemorial situations with actual circumstances. Her central idea is to examine the mechanisms that allow us to get an appropriation of the places in which we live, by describing the everyday experiences in both local and global scenarios.