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Posted on: Thursday 27 September 2018
Repost @read_in_collective ・・・ TODAY:『CATALOGUE』No. 3「TRANSLATION」Contaminating Languages organised by Display Distribute Thursday, 27 September; 19:30–21:30 at RAT school of ART NOTE: Please bring a fruit of your choice! language(s): Korean, English, Dutch, Chinese, Greek and the language of any participant The「TRANSLATION」process for『CATALOGUE』No. 3 centres around the notion of language as a form of exchange. During the session, participants will work through the commissioned text by Netherlands-based writer Yaël van der WOUDEN, which intertwines childhood memories with a sensual tracing of a life verdant. The English and Korean versions of "Those Roots Could Have the Whole Thing Crumbling" form the basis for an experiment in translation with our other languages and vocabularies, using different exercises or strategies for "collaborative contamination.” While gaps in translation are usually considered to be a loss, 'Contaminating Languages' proposes how the spaces in between can spur the creation of other meanings. Here, the potentials of (mis)translation can be explored as a dialogical process between human and non-human beings. (image //「CHAPTER INTERLUDE」by Moonsick Gang) @moonsickgang @yaelwouden @cikunci #displaydistribute #catalogueno3