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Nubuke Foundation

Accra, Ghana

Odile Tevie, director of Nubuke Foundation discussing with visiting students in main exhibition gallery
A textile weaving session by artisans supported by Nubuke Foundation
Postal Address

7 Adamafio Close
East Legon, Accra

T (+233) (28) 910 21 63
   (+233) (27) 744 55 96
   (+233) (24) 461 09 70


Nubuke Foundation promotes and supports the development of the visual arts and culture of Ghana. It works with other art and cultural institutions to provide a wider network and platform for exchanges and to encourage the development of artistic practice of visual artists, cultural practitioners, drama producers and poets.

A major project being implemented is an exchange platform for artists and artisans working with clay and textiles. Artists in residency will engage with artisans, schools and communities in design mentoring and exploring new materials and techniques in Wa-Upper West region of Ghana for the improvement of skills and livelihoods.